IBC and NFPA Code Compliant Universal Fit Egress Barrier Swing Gates

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Extendable Self Closing Egress Barrier Swing Gate - Model 100


PDF Download: Egress Gate Model 100 - Data Sheet

Egress Gate's Extendable Self Closing Egress Barrier Swing Gate meets the requirements of the International Building Code (IBC) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Egress Gate Model 100 is an approved barrier to prevent persons from unintentionally continuing into levels below the level of exit discharge.

This product is designed with commercial construction and iron workers in mind. This product offers construction professionals and builders a quick solution when a code required egress barrier is needed in a stairwell.

The simple design allows for adjustable width, any swing direction and universal mounting. The gate fits most applications out of the box, however installation requires on site work by an iron worker with appropriate tools.

It's important to note, not all install conditions are the same! While this gate fits most applications, on site modifications by an iron worker may be required to accommodate certain applications. Egress Gate is designed to be modified if needed.


Need a double swing gate? Purchase a quantity of two. 

Key Information:

  • Extendable gate width (fits 40" to 60" wide openings).
  • Symmetrically designed (flip or mirror to achieve swing in any direction).
  • Spring loaded - softly swings closed.
  • Tamper Proof - made of SCH. 40 steel pipe and ASTM A36 Steel Plate and A500 Grade B Tube.
  • Designed to attach to the wall: concrete, CMU, stud walls.
  • Hardware included (3/8" diameter screws and anchors).
  • Painted with red shop primer, ready for final paint coat (paint after install).
  • Includes ship loose stop plate (1/4" diameter bolts).
  • Can be modified with iron worker tools.


Installation requires an experienced iron worker and iron worker tools for on-site welding, grinding/sanding, drilling, hardware install, and final paint.

  1. Welding is needed to lock the final gate width.
  2. Welding is needed if attaching to the metal rail post.
  3. Drill is needed to anchor to the wall.
  4. Grinding/sanding needed to sand welds.
  5. Saw needed if the opening is less than 31".
  6. On site painting to match the project.

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